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Sridevi – Challenger Bereyessa

My son Rohit has been going to Gurukulam since two years. Mrs.Raji not only teaches but most importantly inculcates the love of math in kids in a pressure free atmosphere, which makes learning fun. Over the years Rohit’s interest in math grew and he won several awards at school and scored perfect on his standardized tests. Also Mrs. Raji shares and put her experience of raising high schoolers to aid others likes me. Overall very happy with my experience.

Ruta Pai – Parent

We wanted to thank you for your HSPT prep classes that My daughter was enrolled into. She got accepted into Notre Dame. I don’t think it would have been possible without your classes as she understood how much behind she was in her prep and what to focus on and try to improve.

From A and S

Mrs. Raji Menon is an exceptional math teacher. She is very good with kids and takes time to understand kids and molds classes according to their needs. She has a vast knowledge of the subject itself and has kid’s best interests in her heart. We have been doing an online program for math with her but it feels like its in person. As kids do my kids complain that they have to take another class but once class starts they are excited to learn from Mrs. Raji. I would highly recommend her.

W. Yu, University of Washington, Class of 2019

Topher is a fantastic guidance counselor; he helped me realize my goals and interests, and conducted thorough research to find schools that would be a good fit. From brainstorming various career paths to giving me valuable life advice, Topher became much more than a consultant, but a mentor that I could confide in. Knowing little about the college admissions process, I voiced many questions and concerns to Topher, to which he answered to my satisfaction. Without his help, I would not have been able to choose from a plethora of prestigious universities and ultimately pick the one that resonated with me.

Wanna Kapoor – (Parent – Matsumoto)

I thought you may be interested to know that Indira had a great first lesson with you. She said she likes how clearly you explain things.

Kavitha Mehta – Evegreen Parent

Thank you for motivating Hiral and she loves the way you teach her. When doing math with you everything seems so easy for her. Your cooperation and support is outstanding.

D. Ramesh, Univ. of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Class of 2021

Without Topher’s guidance through the college process, I would’ve never been so confident as a graduating senior. Not only did he aid in my college application and decisions, but he also helped me discover who I really am and shed light on my potential. I started the application process with little to no knowledge, however, Topher developed a strong foundation and created a relationship with my family and I that I believe will last beyond the scope of my college decisions. With continuous patience and answers to every question, Topher is very knowledgeable about the admissions process and knowing which school is the right fit for each student. I truly don’t think I could’ve endured the stress of college applications without the help of Topher!

Hemant – Parent /Chaboya Middle school

I only have good things to say… Kaustubh’s essay subjects are challenging (making him think and organize thoughts before writing) and he is getting very valuable feedback and he understands how to improve upon and organize his writing. He is very positive about the class.

Divya Nambiar – Mountain House

Thank you, Raji.
I’ve been meaning to tell you that Preeth’s been enjoying his Malayalam classes.
There’s much more enthusiasm now as against us trying to force it on him.:)

Thank you once again.

M. Jawa, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2021

Topher is an exceptional counselor who provides a holistic college application experience. His years of experience truly assisted me in navigating the process and finding schools that were a fit for me. Most importantly, he gave me candid feedback on my application to ensure that I could genuinely portray myself to colleges. I couldn’t have asked for better mentor and supporter during my senior year.


Samrit got a full 600 on his STAR test for Math. A 100% on all math chapters. Thanks for your guidance. It definitely made him do so well
Santosh Samrit – JFS

Madhuri Kohli

Rahul got 600 on his 5th grade Math STAR test. Thank you for your support as always .

Judy C. – (son) University of Oregon, Class of 2021

Topher was an excellent mentor and guide to walk our family through the complex university selection and admissions process. His approach educated and inspired Zachary in understanding his passions, priorities and opportunities when it came to exploring his life work interests, option for a majors, and best fit universities. In the end Zach has been accepted to several universities and is making a decision based on a well thought out process! We couldn’t have done it without Topher!

Vani allappatti – Parent at Challenger

I would like to Thank you for bringing back Varun’s Confidence and intetrest in Math.
I see him very happy after he started your classes. He was saying that he wants to go to your
class until he goes to College:) He doesn’t want to stop your classes:)
Thanks again for making our life easier:)

Devashree Bhau( Evergreen Parent)

Wanted to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for helping Arnav all year long and in summer. He has learnt a lot from you.

R. Cohen, Carleton College, Class of 2021

I would not have successfully endured the college application process without Topher’s guidance and support. Along with his complete knowledge of everything from financial aid to interviews as well as a knack for revising and cutting down essays, Topher’s unique and best quality as a college counselor is his ability to inspire introspection and to truly get me to think about who I am as a person and what drives me. Topher is much more than just a college counselor – he provided me with priceless guidance and emotional support through what is a challenging time for all high school students.

​R. Dash, UC Berkeley, Class of 2021

Topher was a great guidance counselor to me during the admissions process, narrowing down the wide host of schools to a select few, tailored to my interests, passions, and personality. He always answered any questions I had, thanks to his years of experience, and gave me valuable feedback that helped me strike the right note in my essays and on my applications in general. When I was struggling with what to write on my essays, he helped me not by telling me outright what I should do but by asking me questions and allowing me to come to the conclusion on my own. Topher was an enormous help in a very challenging time and I would recommend him as a guidance counselor to any rising high school seniors.

Manoj Aluwalia (Evergreen Parent)

Amit made into Alegebra 1 and you had a big role to play into that. You are a great asset to the evergreen community. Both my sons benefited immensely by taking your classes.

Rama Setlur

Rahul has been going to Gurukulam math classes since his first grade and he is now in 6th grade. Rahul simply loves Gurukulam classes!! Raji is strict and yet kind and gets the math knowledge and the message across to the kids. She is really a mentor more than a teacher. When kids love to go to their weekly math classes without a single complaint…you know you made the right decision to enroll them at Gurukulam math classes.

C. Liu, UC Berkeley, Class of 2021

Beyond the nitty-gritty of interviews, essay revisions, and application support, what I found most important were Topher’s life lessons. These ended up becoming the foundation of my genuine approach in writing essays and presenting myself holistically. Topher seems to have the instinct that the college application process is more than about systematically applying to as many colleges as possible, so he engages with students on humanistic and supportive levels to find the most meaningful and best fit for them.

Henna Parekh – Evergreen Resident

I highly recommend Gurukulams AP teaching….it saved my daughter from failing her class in school. Not being taught by a qualified teacher at her high school, turning to Gurukulam was a lifesaver. Despite not having any other student in the class, the teacher was willing to coach my daughter twice a week at her convenience and according to her school schedule. It gave her the confidence to bring up her school grade and finish the AP statistics course which they did not in regular school. Thank you Gurukulam!

Ambili and Abhi

My daughter benefited a lot from your MATH classes. I can see that the classes helped her to think systematically and logically. Her confidence has improved, and she totally loves Math/Science problems. Your guidance and initiative in hosting various Math events like CML/Math Kangaroo is a big help too.

In my daughters own words “The classes are interesting, and fun, we do problems as a team. The home work problems are challenging and encourages us to think. We love to playing with Nick too(the dog) and will miss him in the new location.. ”

Wishing you and Gurkulam all the best.

Deepa Sood (Shivams mom)

Shivam loves to go to his Math class at Gurukualm and of course learns a lot…his words– Ms Raji s funny and smart and I enjoy her class a lot. It is not boring.

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